Highly specialized service to customer

TECI -part of Teufelberger Group, is committed to offering its customers a comprehensive service, providing after-sales service and maintenance from highly specialised technicians.

The latest success story concerns an important customer with a mobile harbour crane at its Triest terminal, needing to organise winch maintenance. This job was performed directly on site by our TECI technicians.

To carry out the job, removing the rope was necessary by pulling it with a portable unreeler. During the pulling operation, we provided a magneto-inductive control to ensure that the rope was still usable and no significant breakage was present inside.

Once the rope was safely removed and stored on the coiler, the winch could be extracted to undergo the planned maintenance operations. To extend the rope’s lifespan, we suggested that the client perform a full clean-up followed by high pressure re-greasing to practically give the rope new life.